Fed up of boring and restrictive diets?


Break Free from the diet cycle and Create Sustainable Weight Loss...For the Last Time

You probably have gone through all or some of the following scenarios: 


     🔸 You feel frustrated with the never-ending cycle of failed diets. 

     🔸 You avoid social gatherings because you feel out of control when there is food around you.

     🔸 You use the food to fill the void of you not feeling good about yourself.

     🔸 You get upset by what you see when you look in the mirror. 

     🔸 You may be considering weight loss surgery because you believe you can never get rid of all extra weight.

This is not how you envisioned your life.

You've always seen yourself as someone who energetic, determined to be successful, but you and food have always been in a battle.

I've seen this all these destructive feelings with my clients when they come to me.

And with my help they overcome it.

If they can, so can you! 

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Nati Villegas

"I have been working with Laura for 6 weeks. These weeks have changed my life. I've been overweight since I was 14yo, and always living in an perpetual diet cycle. With Laura, this has changed. I've learned to eat in a healthy & sustainable but; overall, I've learned to love myself, to not feel guilty & to identify my anxiety & insecurities. I recommend the program especially to those people who are in an eternal loop of a diet cycle, and to anyone who wants to learn to eat healthy and, overall to love themselves”.

And this is exactly why I am so excited to introduce to you



My 1:1 high touch coaching program, tailored to you, that will teach you sustainable weight loss habits that begins with rewiring your mind because this is where the overeating began.


A holistic approach (mind- body- emotion) to lasting weight loss that uncovers the root cause of your problem, so that you can solve it ONCE and FOR ALL. 


  • Silence your brain chatter. 
  • Create freedom around food.
  • Become your best friend and your cheerleader.
  • Keep going when you don't want to.


  • Create a sustainable protocol adapted to your lifestyle, that includes the food you like.
  • Enjoy the food you eat.
  • Implement a sustainable & healthy lifestyle.


  • Learn how to manage your urges & cravings.
  • Learn how to feel your feelings and stop relying on food.
  • Feel good about yourself while you lose weight for the last time.
  • Create joy in your life so you do not need to get it from food.

Rewire your brain and achieve a natural, lasting weight loss.

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Successful weight loss starts by managing your mind

Hi there!

I'm Laura de Sans. 


I am passionate about nutrition and mental health. After 15 years working as a family physician; I have seen a lot of patients struggling with their weight.

Patients who have tried all kind of diets, without achieving lasting weight loss.

Do you want to know the truth?

Only 4% of the people who lose weight reach to maintain it in a long-term. 

A paradigm's shift in the weight loss industry is necessary, and I am part of it.

Our body is very complex and so are our minds. There are many factors influencing our weight.

We can not control all these factors, but we can learn how to put them on our behalf.

Lasting weight loss goes beyond calories in & calories out. The art of managing our minds and our feelings is the key to lasting weight loss or whatever lasting change you desire. 

I help professional women ditch dieting and overcome emotional eating so that they can finish with their lifetime struggle with weight & start living a better and healthier life.

And, at the end of coaching with me, you will:


⭐ Have a better relationship with yourself, with food and with others.

⭐ Have created food freedom and you will enjoy participating at social gatherings without fear of losing control.

⭐ Have a better understanding of why you do the things you do, and how to motivate yourself to do what you really want to do, regardless the circumstances. 

⭐ Have developped a growth mindset that will help you feel more confident, empowered and committed to create what you want to create.

⭐ Have a healthier lifestyle. 

⭐ Feel better emotionally.


And a lasting weight loss being the by-product of all these. Your first 20lb are guaranteed.

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Don't just take my word for it though,

here is what women are saying

Tiphany Janik, 

Sonia Villegas

"I have done many diets and I have always regained those kilos. A month ago, I've finished the program with Laura. She has given me tools that have changed my way of living and eating. I am learning to analyze my emotions, which often pushed me to overeat. To accept unpleasant or uncomfortable moments. To look at myself in the mirror and accept what it sends back.
I have stopped having a totally illogical apetite, I feel fullness after eating, I have far fewer temptations. I have lost several kilos, my body is sculpting in a positive way. I feel that step by step, I am becoming that person I want to be. The best of working with her, is the way she helps you to face those changes, and how she pushes you to reflect and look for the things that are there, but you weren't aware of. I recommend working with Laura if you want to lose weight and make a total change in your life"


You are not what you eat. You are what you think.

This program is for you if you want to 


    👉 Stop overeating.

    👉 Finish your lifetime struggle with weight & food and become naturally thin.

    👉 Reduce the desire for food and enjoy it more than ever.  

    👉 Learn how to manage your mind & your emotions to create what you want for yourself.

    👉 Look in the mirror and feel proud of what you see. 

This program is not for you if you


     🚫 Are looking for the magic pill.

     🚫 Don't want to plan your meals ahead of time. 

     🚫 Are not willing to work on yourself.

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What other fearless women say about my work

Estefanía Reche

"I was feeling very anxious, I quitted smoking and was turning the cigarette cravings into compulsive eating. I put on some weight and my self-esteem was going down. I was eating a lot of sugar, fried food and all sorts of junk food and my energy and motivation levels were low. In short, I was feeling terrible about myself!  I have not only lost weight but I have also improved a lot in other areas of my life. Laura has taught me to process my emotions and eat consciously, learning to analyze my thoughts as an observer of reality. Throughout the sessions she has given me tools that help me to make better decisions, improve my personal relationships, my ability to concentrate, and commit to myself and my goals, both personal and professional. I highlight her warmness and her didactic way of explaining things. Laura understands your needs very well without you giving her many explanations. She is empathetic and pragmatic. She has helped me a lot to get down to earth and be present, here and now.

I highly recommend doing a coaching process with Laura"


Dalia Ibanez

"From day one, I noticed the difference. She focused not only on what to eat, but on why we eat, and how our emotions play tricks on us. I feel much more energetic, less flabby and, in a few weeks, I have lost weight. I feel very committed because I see things differently, because I nourish both, my body and my mind”.


Linda Rodriguez

"Besides learning to eat healthy, I've lost 4 kilos in 1 month. I continue to eat healthy and apply all the tools she taught me." 


Yohani Alcalá

"I've worked with Laura for 5 weeks, I've lost 6 kilos and 2 sizes; and I am managing to maintain it, thanks to the application of what I learned in her program".


Magda Suarez

"I decided to work with Laura because I wanted to know how to lose weight without dieting. My biggest change: learning how to fuel my body."

Stop your never-ending diet cycle today

Just like the many women that have come before you, you too can create food freedom as they did.

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